A Bible-based game that provides spiritual and moral encouragement for all ages.

Play to Learn, Play to Be Inspired

Challenge your loved ones to an interactive game that keeps everyone entertained and inspired.

A Game That Challenges You and Your Family Mind to Think

Make family bonding time happier and livelier with TIME, an enjoyable game from LCT Time in Jonesboro, GA. You can also use it to liven up the atmosphere in your Bible teaching or youth fellowship. Not only can it bring participants closer to each other, but it can also help everyone become more familiar with biblical facts.

Fun for all ages

TIME is an acronym that stands for Think, Inspire, Motivate, Educate. The objective of this 36-word game is to bring family and friends together to encourage thinking and about things associated with everyday life such as family, foundation, and appreciation.

The game features Bible characters and significant facts about their lives. This is designed to develop our concentration skills and our appreciation for the Holy Scriptures. In addition, it makes people realize that the Bible is real, as it also fosters better communication among family, friends, Brothers and Sisters in the Congregation..

Game Rules

  1. Select the moderator. He or she will pass out one sheet of paper and one pencil to all players.
  2. This game can be played individually or in teams.
  3. Read all the questions on the game card. It is important to say each letter to help the players guess the words. For example, if the answer is “Love,” a player must say the letter L and then read the question. Next, say the letter O and so on until the word is spelled out.
  4. Although there are many possible answers, players must match the answer on the card. All answers should be given after a player has finished asking all the questions. The answers are in parentheses for the moderator.

Point System

Each player who answers correctly scores one point. Five points will be given if a player answers the bonus scripture question correctly and ten points if a player gives correct answers for the two scriptures.

For only $ 10.95 + shipping and handling, you can spend quality time with your family and also make learning religion fun.

Refund Policy:

TIME: Is a spiritual game that stimulates your mind and heart. With different names and words that is inspiring and motivating by Bible answer. And moral principles of right and wrong. As the owner of Time Game I want you to be completely satisfied with the game, for any reason you not you can contact me personally with any questions or email me: And if you still not satisfied you can request a refund..

Please return the game in it’s original package not used or damaged with proof of purchase after thirty days received it.. customer pays for shipping in case of return.. please contact me before returning it